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Are you sing PHP 5.3+ with MySQL? If so, you are most likely running software developed by me. In my role as a principal software developer at MySQL (Oracle), I have developed the MySQL native driver for PHP (mysqlnd).

Have you been using PHP 3.0 professionally? If so, you may remember the phpLib. I have started my career at the company where the phpLib was born. The phpLib session support later became a blue print for the session extension built-in to PHP 4.0+.


Since 05/2008 Senior Software Engineer Oracle (MySQL)
09/2004- 05/2008 Connectors Project Manager / MaxDB Support Manager MySQL AB
08/1998 – 09/2004 Software Developer Web MySQL AB,
Mayflower GmbH (Munich) ,
WWE e-Commerce IT GmbH (Hamburg),
NetUSE AG (Kiel)

Ulf Wendel
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