Ulf Wendel

PDO_MYSQLND: Monday morning murders

I am a member of the monday morning murder association. I murdered bugs. As said earlier, the modification of PDO_MYSQL to support both the MySQL native driver for PHP (mysqlnd) and the MySQL Client Library (AKA libmysql) is progressing. A good number of known and unknown bugs has been killed. But some new have been found as well – an overview.

Please note that the status information is based on Linux 32bit and Linux 64bit testing only. We still have not done cross-platform testing recently. I spend too much time with blogging 😉 Also, I have not included some PDO_MYSQL feature requests such as the support of cursor attributes. Technically it should be possible to implement but we will focus on making "release ready" what we have today before we consider adding new features.

The following list is not ordered. Bugs have not been assigned a priority and/or severity. Its a “status quo” description that needs to be read with care.

Fixed with the current PDO_MYSQLND development version

Issues not related to the MySQL driver itself

To be done, to be checked again

Issues reported by us and not related to PDO_MYSQL[ND]

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