Ulf Wendel

MySQL Connector/C++: cannot compile roadmap

MySQL Connector/C++ is GA. It features virtually everything needed by the two "internal customers" MySQL Workbench and Connector/OpenOffice.org. Based on internal test results and bug inflow, the stability is quite reasonable for a 1.0.5. It is overdue to move the development discussion on the mailing list and to ask: what do you want for 1.1, 1.5, 2.0?

At least two users have already proposed changes. Matthias Brantner has filed Connector/C++ bug report #3 – a feature request. Christian Koch has spotted my earlier mailing list posting already and replied. Both ask for easier memory management, both are suggesting a "clean" API. Thanks for the feedback!

Let’s talk on the mailing list. Please do not be disappointed if it takes a day or two before you get a reply… no difference to other mailing lists.

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