Ulf Wendel

MySQL Connector/C++: free (german language) webinar today

The subject says it. I will be giving a free german language webinar on the MySQL Connector/C++ today at 15:00 local time. Registration is still open. The headline says it is specifically for OEM users. I don’t agree. The webinar is a good overview presentation on the product suitable for any MySQL developer developing applications with C++ .

Due to vacation season we have not released Connector/C++ 1.0.6 yet. Both Andrey and I have huge amounts of accured vacation from MySQL times – the time when MySQL was still an independent company. The 24th of August has been scheduled as a build date for 1.0.6. If you check the bugs database at MySQL, you will find a couple of minor issues reported for 1.0.5. For example, you get an error if you don’t call cmake in the root directory of the source tree. I hope you understand that we don’t put extra force on release schedules when we only get reports about such minor issues.

For 1.0.6 we aim to support dynamic loading of the MySQL Client Library, we start to use some basic Boost data types where it makes sense and of course we will try to fix the issues reported by you.

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