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MySQL Connector/C++: Who is who?

The who-is-who of the MySQL Connector/C++

This is the Who-is-who of the MySQL driver for C++. From top left to bottom right: Andrey Hristov, Edwin Desouza, Lawrenty ”Lawrin” Novitsky (the older guy), Ignacio “Iggy” Galarza, Georg Richter, Kent Boortz, Elizabeth “Liz” Drachnik, Michael “Mike” Frank, Anthony “Tony” Bedford.

Andrey Hristov is the main developer of the driver. He has earned credits at MySQL before as the developer of the Event Scheduler and the MySQL native driver for PHP (mysqlnd).

Edwin Desouza is responsible for the morning greetings. Every second morning we can expect to see some suggestions or hints from him on how to improve the driver. Edwin works as a Senior Director Product Marketing at MySQL.

Lawrenty ”Lawrin” Novitsky works closely with Andrey on the source code of the driver. Lawrin has developed our test framework, ported countless JDBC tests from and takes care of all our Windows worries including the MSI Installer.

Ignacio “Iggy” Galarza is our Windows Installer expert. He has developed the MSI Installer of the MySQL Server. As a member of the Connectors team he is also taking care of the MSI Installers of MySQL Connector/C and MySQL Connector/C++.

Georg Richter is leading the Connectors team. He works on the MySQL Connector/C and has patched MySQL Connector/C++ to work flawlessly with it. Georg loves to organize meetings. He is again in charge of organizing the annual MySQL Developer Meeting.

Kent Boortz is a member of the Build team. All we use to say about him is "Ask Kent – Kent can do!". Unfortunately his manager wants him to work on other products as well…

Elizabeth “Liz” Drachnik shows no fear of paper works. As a Senior Program Manager she has a hard job dealing with hackers who do not like to fill out forms or deliver product presentations.

Michael “Mike” Frank is the Product Manager. Whenever we need to know if we really have to support this or that platform which has a weird compiler, he will know the answer and motivate us. And, of course, he has ideas for promoting the product.

Anthony “Tony” Bedford is a Technical Author from the Documentation team. He is the guy who compiles the chatter of the developers into an appropriate language for the MySQL Reference Manual.

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