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PHP BBQ Tour – Kiel, Sunday, 21.06

The first "barbecue" of the PHP BBQ tour has been held in Munich. A little more than 30 attendees came to the Hirschgarten restaurant. Unfortunately we could not have a BBQ due to bad weather. Nonetheless the event has been a success: for some it has been the first PHP community event. And, of course, you always meet and greet "countless" well known PHP hackers. Let me name only two of them: Johannes Schlueter, who helped to organize the event and Pierre Joye (and Jana and Spooky), my host. Credits also go to Johann-Peter Hartmann from Mayflower, Nils Hitze and Kaj Arnö from MySQL/Sun. The photos show happy people, it can’t have been that bad…

Actually, the opening was great! If you missed it, you may take the opportunity to come to the closing event in Kiel on Sunday, 21.06.. The Kieler Woche, the largest summer festival in northern Europe, starts the day before. Combine the BBQ with a visit of the countless free events and concerts. Bring your family. It is about getting connected, learning to know each other and having fun.

Use the opportunity to meet MySQL/Sun "prominence". Giuseppe Maxia (The Data Charmer), the leader of the MySQL Community team will be there. And, of course, you will be able to meet Jan Kneschke from the Enterprise Monitor team, who is also the author of the MySQL Proxy and the popular lighttpd (lighty) web server.

Sunday, 21.06.2009
Kiel, Forstbaumschule
BBQ area in the garden

(look out for a yellow rainhat, a Süd-Wester)
BBQ starts at 16:00,
we may leave for a Kieler Woche walk from 19:30 on

Please tell us that you plan to come by taking part at the poll about the food: http://doodle.com/gtvg6c9z5icbcvrw . You may bring your own food or ask us to buy some for you, if you find it inconvenient to take food with you.

As we guys from Kiel know, the weather can be nasty during the Kieler Woche. Please check the wiki for last minute changes before you go to the event. In the worst case, we’ll meet at the restaurant and not in the garden. Just like we did in Munich.

… latest news from Frankfurt (today)… marvellous location is being prepared (see below)…. some guys from the PHP meet-up Stuttgart will visit the meet-up Karlsruhe tomorrow….
PHP BBQ Frankfurt

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