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PHP BBQ Tour – Munich, Monday, 15.06., 19:00 CEST

The PHP BBQ Tour starts in exactly one week. The first barbecue will be held in Munich on Monday, 15.06, 19:00 CEST. The tour is an offering and a suggestion to the user group to come together for a barbecue instead of meeting in conference rooms in the middle of the summer, when the days are long. Everybody is invited to join the tour and to visit the PHP user group in his neighbor town. Tour dates: Munich (Monday, 15.06), Frankfurt (Tuesday, 16.06), Karlsruhe (Wednesday, 17.06), Berlin (Thursday, 18.06), Dortmund (Friday, 19.06), Hamburg (Saturday, 20.06) and Kiel (Sunday, 21.06).

Be a pioneer, sail together with the crew of Mayflower (thinkPHP) and the PHP locals into the Hirschgarten park for the first barbecue on the tour. If you consider to come, please add your name to the Wiki page at http://silberkind.de/dokuwiki/phpbbq (no password required). Depending on the number of participants and the weather the actual location may change. It is important to check the wiki at the day of the event for latest details.

PHP user group Munich – PHP BBQ Tour
Monday, 15.06.2009 – 19:00 CEST

Please check the wiki page on location details!

Hirschgarten, 80639 Munich

Munich is quite a melting pot for various web technologies. The tentative list of participants seems to reflect this and makes me believe that one can have both fun and use the opportunity for networking. The wiki lists, among others, Kaj Arnö (Sun/MySQL), Pierre Joye (Microsoft – PHP core developer), Johannes Schlüter (Sun/MySQL – PHP 5.3 Release Manager), David Zülke (Bitextender), Björn Schotte (Mayflower), Johann-Peter Hartmann (Mayflower), Wolfram Kriesing (uxebu – Dojo core developer) … get there!

The PHP user group Munich

If you don’t make it to the event, here is how you can get in touch with the PHP user group Munich. Answers by Nils Hitze.

Does the user group have a home page?

Are there frequent meetings?
The user group itself does not meet frequently. We try to meet each other for lunch every couple of weeks. However, in addition to the user group meetings, I am organizing other community evening events such as GTUG (Google Technology User Group München), DevDusk, Webmontag, …

Are there presentations?
At GTUG, DevDusk, Webmontag, yes. Among other topics, the presentations are also about PHP. There are no presentations when we meet for lunch. During lunch we usually talk about technology in general.

How many people are visiting the events?
For lunch we are some 4-5 people. However, there are more at the evening events. It varies from 25 to 35 participants. I have not been to a single evening event in Munich where not at least one other member of the PHP user group has been.

Are you working together with any other groups or organizations?
We are in very well connected to the PHP user group Frankfurt but also with Nils Langer from PHP hates me. We plan some kind of german PlanetPHP but with more focus on the developers of tools and bloggers.

When has the PHP user group Munich been founded?
In mid/late 2007, Burak Yüksel and I got annoyed by the fact that we seemed to the only "active" PHP guys in Munich and we started to reactivate the PHP user group. At this point, the mailing list was dead. Unfortunately we could not export the list of subscribers and so we started a blog. First we have been using Drupal, later on we switched to Serendipity. Then we moved ahead posting, by posting

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