Ulf Wendel

Your ticket for “PHP Unconference 2009”

… is waiting for you at http://de.amiando.com/phpunconference. Hurry up to get a ticket for the PHP Unconference 2009 in Hamburg/Germany (12.-13.09.2009): 26% of the tickets sold during the first 6 hours.

I have received the invitation letter via email at 11:51 am my time. It is now 6:05 pm. There are 180 tickets available. The participant list shows 47 participants. Do the math: 26% of the tickets have been sold during the last six hours. At this speed the event will be sold out within a day: Register now!

My personal take on the PHP Unconference is that it is in no way less interesting than any other PHP conference I have been to since the year 2000. If you have something to say about PHP and, you want to share your opinions, visit it. But remember that it is an unconference. You must get involved at the event to make it a success.

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