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PHP BBQs 2010 – Karlsruhe today, Frankfurt 27th

Pretty much exactly a year ago many german PHP meetups have held BBQs to celebrate the summer, to invite guests to join their meetups in a very relaxed atmosphere and to enjoy themselves. During the PHP BBQ week 2009 more than 140 people got connected and had fun . And, of course, I loved visiting all the meetups. I am not touring through the user groups this year. However, and that is fantastic news, some user groups have organized BBQs again. Today, June 22th – 19:00, you can enjoy a BBQ in Karlsruhe organized by the PHP user group Karlsruhe and sponsored by urlaubswerk.de! Check their homepage for the latest details.

KIT Campus Süd – Center für Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE)
CIE Cube – Geb. 30.29
Engesserstr. 9 (vor dem Gerthsen Hörsaal)
76131 Karlsruhe

Planning and food

PHP BBQ Karlsruhe 2009

The PHP user group Frankfurt invites you to join a (not only) PHP BBQ on Sunday, June 27th.

PHP BBQ Frankfurt 2010

I hear some rumors about Berlin but nothing seems decided yet or I am just uninformed… In any case, I strongly recommend to visit your local PHP user group to enjoy the events. Credits go to last and this years sponsors and the user groups which did it again!

If you hestitate visiting your local meetup, check the faces of the people which attended PHP BBQ 2009…

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