Ulf Wendel

The 2012 edition of ulf-wendel.de

Dear Reader,

welcome to the 2012 edition of ulf-wendel.de.

Until 2003 I have been working as a web developer focussing on PHP. The 2004 edition of my home page and all its subdomains have reflected this. In the years thereafter I worked as a support manager, consultant, trainer and software engineer for MySQL/Sun/Oracle using MySQL, MaxDB, PHP, C, C++ and a bounch of other technologies.

There was an constantly increasing mismatch between the home page and the person. For example, I hardly use PHP any more but I extend it using C. Furthermore, old contents could not be distinguished easily from current ones. Thus, the 2004 edition is gone.

The 2012 edition is based on a blog system. It is easy to see the age of the materials. And, its easy to follow me through a feed reader.


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