Ulf Wendel

MySQL Connector/C++: web seminar – Wednesday, May 20

Relax, there are four weeks left to register for the MySQL Connector/C++ web seminar. The webinar is scheduled for May 20. Hurry, if you want to attend the MySQL Conference and Expo 2009 with all its sessions. If you had a stressful day, try gardening. Gardening does not require a garden as you can see.

About the webinar: MySQL Connector/C++ is the latest Connector for MySQL. It takes different approach compared to existing C++ drivers by following the JDBC specification in a way that makes sense in C++ world. JDBC is the Java standard for accessing Databases, which has been improved over the numerous Java releases. The JDBC interface is very well thought out. In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The reasoning behind Connector/C++’s development
  • What’s included in Connector/C++
  • What’s planned for Connector/C++
  • How you can use it to ease your C++ development

I continue cutting the green in a couple of hours… Enjoy the weekend!

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