Ulf Wendel

The end of MySQL as we knew it?

The End? Oracle to Buy Sun
What does Oracle plan to do with MySQL?

MySQL will be an addition to Oracle’s existing suite of database products, which already includes Oracle Database 11g, TimesTen, Berkeley DB open source database, and the open source transactional storage engine, InnoDB., Oracle Sun FAQ.

No, I don’t have any more details. I am surprised as you may be.
As a user, I would sit and wait for details before I make my point. As a user, I would wait for the UC to open its doors to hear the usual MySQL product announcements. MySQL has gone through the Sun acquisition, maybe we get used to it. As long as we do not change and remain as we are (or listen even better to the community), I am optimistic. I go out and continue to do some errands before the UC fireworks starts. ..