Ulf Wendel

PHP BBQ Tour continues: Berlin now, Karlsruhe yesterday

The PHP BBQ tourcontinues. Come to one of the four remaining barbecues in Berlin (today, 18:00-23:00 CEST, Cafe Schönbrunn, note the prominent attendees listed on the wiki!), Dortmund (Friday), Hamburg (Saturday) and Kiel (Sunday). All three past evenings in Munich, Frankfurt and Karlsruhe have been quite similar in the way that most enjoyed meeting each other at the relaxed athmosphere of a BBQ. At Karlsruhe it has been a true summer night with temperatures beyond 20 degree celsius and glowflies!

I have been most impressed about those who had a travel time of an hour or even more. For example, some members of the PHP user group Stuttgart have visited Karlsruhe yesterday. It is an one hour drive from Stuttgart to Karlsruhe. Another attendee, a retired chip designer, had to go one hour by public transport and to driver 10 more minutes by car. After the long trip, the beer and food sponsored by urlaubswerk.de has been most welcome.

As you can see on the photos, it does not take much to run a small community event. A backyard, a garden and some seats is all you need. Credits go to Adrian Phillip, who has organized the event and to Erik Pöhlcke. who allowed us to held the BBQ at the backyard of his appartement.

I was pleased to hear that the user group is in close contact with the university. A university has all the rooms and infrastructure needed for a barcamp.

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