Ulf Wendel

MySQL Server

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HTTP, JSON, JavaScript, Map&Reduce built-in to MySQL

At the International PHP Conference 2012 Spring Edition I have presented a MySQL Server plugin of mine that unveils the full potential of MySQL It is time to take a different look at MySQL. MySQL is a generic storage solution for many applications and many programming languages. MySQL is by no means limited to SQL. NoSQL additions are on their way…

Scaling MySQL

Every web developer needs to know how to scale MySQL. An introduction to MySQL Replication, MySQL Cluster and PECL/mysqlnd_ms. PECL/mysqlnd_ms is a free and open source plugin for the PHP mysqlnd library. The latter ships with PHP 5.3. It is the default MySQL client server library of all PHP MySQL extensions (ext/mysql, ext/mysqli, PDO_MySQL) as of PHP 5.4. First hand information from the core developer of both mysqlnd and PECL/mysqlnd_ms.

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