Ulf Wendel

Slides (german) from MySQL Connectors talk at the Hamburg MySQL Meetup

On monday I gave a presentation at MySQL user group meeting in Hamburg on the team I’m working for: the MySQL Connectors team. The presentation was given in german. Unfortunately about 99.99999% of all PlanetMySQL had no chance to join the meetup, but you can find the slides (german language) here for download (PDF). The slides give an overview on the team, its products and its activties. You will also find introduction material on those Connectors (drivers) I am working on: Connector/OpenOffice.org, Connector/C++ and all the PHP stuff.

I have not been giving any Community presentations since 2003, be gentle… Credits to:

  • Lenz for organizing the meeting
  • Judith and Tobi for providing the meeting facilities at SinnerSchrader
  • … and all listeners that did not fall asleep

You can find pictures from the event at http://www.lenzg.org/gallery/v/ConferencesEvents/MySQL-UG-HH-2008-09-01/ .

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