Ulf Wendel

Neue MaxDB Version veröffentlicht:

Mit MaxDB wurde heute eine neue Version von MaxDB zum Download bereitgestellt. Sowohl 7.6 als auch 7.5 sind für den produktiven Einsatz geeignet (Generally Available (GA) Release). Neueinsteiger werden gebeten Version 7.6 einzusetzen.

Aus dem Announcement:

The new version of MaxDB 7.6 is available now. It can be downloaded at
http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/maxdb/7.6.00.html. For the new features in this version see .

Packages for SUN Solaris x64_64 bit are available now for installing the complete MaxDB software, all MaxDB client software, and SQLDBC.

With this version, the Microsoft Windows packages for installing the complete MaxDB software and for installing the MaxDB client software are offered as self-extracting packages (maxdb-all-win*.exe und maxdb-client-win*.exe). However, these packages can still be extracted
using WinZIP or WinRAR.

In order to facilitate an easier download, the size of all download packages has been reduced by the following:

  • for all platforms offered: slowknl, dbmrfc, dbmgetf , libsapni + dependent Unicode libs
  • for Microsoft Windows additionally: *.pdb und *.map files (used for debugging or for creating a symbolic stack backtrace during runtime)
    You will probably not miss these files 🙂

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