Ulf Wendel

PHP: a quick status update

We’ve not been blogging about mysqlnd for a while. Reason is that all of us are assigned to other more pressing tasks. What we managed to do is to write two print magazine articles on mysqlnd. One will be published in the english php|architect and one will be published in the german Entwickler-Magazin. Both magazines should have the articles in their next issues.

The very first internal PDO/mysqlnd code has undergone an internal review. We are still evaluating how to integrate mysqlnd with PDO. So far PDO/mysqlnd is nothing but an internal proof-of-concept study. I don’t even try to test or use it. I spend some time writing tests for PDO/MySQL and PDO in general. Again, my tests are not ready for publishing.

Originally, I had planned to blog about Persistent Connections early this week. As I was at it, I considered benchmarking MySQL Proxy (transparent, w/wo profiling, Keep-Alive) as well. Well, don’t plan to do such things if the main developers (Proxy – Jan, mysqlnd – Andrey) are on vacation and won’t be able to fix the annoyances you might encounter. The fact that you read these lines instead of a cool Persistent Connections article tells you that there are still some bugs… – bugs which all the new tests (blame myself) didn’t catch. Luckily, Andrey is back from vacation and he’s truly amazingly good at fixing bugs. And Jan is no difference from that. I’m optimistic that I can send out my blog posting early next week. Together which benchmark results that took one week to produce…

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