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Yes, there are delays. But not for the reason that we are having any problems. We have been borrowed out to other teams recently. A short status report.

PONG from mysqlnd.team

Andrey could not resist and has continued researching on parallel and background query operation. Georg was not too happy about this. Not that Georg does not support the idea, no, but Andrey had some other urgent assignments. Well, Andrey sometimes works in sort of waves: do little for some time, hack like crazy on other days. Again, Miha Nedok from http://www.izklop.com/, our alpha-beta-everything-tester number one, has given Andrey’s code studies a test drive and he did not regret it. However, I haven’t tested anything myself. I cannot share any experiences not to speak of production ready code.

My QA efforts have slowed down. I’m thankful Anthony – AKA tony2001 – never hesitates to inform and remind people about test failures. Anthony Dovgal is just one of many active PHP contributors. Credits to all active PHP contributors. I started sketching first PDO tests for the upcoming PDO mysqlnd driver. Its not an easy task because not all PDO drivers behave consistently. Also there is a frightening low number of general PDO tests. Could be a goal for next year to fix that.

Georg continues to shelter us. He fights hard to protect our little PHP eco-system: PHP hardly generates direct and simple to measure revenues at MySQL. Sure, PHP and MySQL have grown up together and I hope we do right to keep the relationship with PHP folks in good shape, but how do you measure the benefit of, for example, this blog posting, if there is any at all? Balancing Community and commercial interests is difficult. If we do right, it never becomes your problem. One of Georg’s 2008 plans: make mysqlnd popular, make it very simple to install and a fun to use!

Don’t know how many of you have noted Johannes announcing his new job. I can’t resist to announce it again with an even greater delay. I was lucky in 2004 to get to know him when doing some consultancy work together, Andrey was thankful to get a really good sparring made and as usual Georg was the deal closer: we have won Johannes Schlüter to develop the PDO mysqlnd driver for us. Johannes is the Release Master for the PHP 5.3 series.

In the press…

We have two mysqlnd articles in print.

A bit early, but…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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