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MySQL Connector/C++ 1.0.1alpha is available!

The first alpha version of the MySQL Connector/C++ has been published. You can download the source code from http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/cpp/1.0.html . The MySQL Driver for C++ is a new connector aiming at C++ developers who want to profit from the convenience of using C++ when connecting to the MySQL Server. The API of the MySQL Connector/C++ mimics JDBC, a widely known and well established standard. Some 75% of the core JDBC API calls are available. Please find more details in the announcement.

If you hear that our primary goal for the alpha release has been to serve the needs of our "internal customers" MySQL Workbench and MySQL Connector/OpenOffice.org, you will not be surprised to find rather few changes in the Change History. The development version of MySQL Workbench runs fine on a (pre-)alpha code snapshot of the driver and the development version of Connector/OpenOffice.org has been successfully modified to use Connector/C++ as well.

The most important change from a developers point of view is probably an API change affecting MySQL_Driver::connect(). The first parameter of MySQL_Driver::connect() used to define the host to which a TCP/IP based connection should be established. Now you can pass an URL instead of a host giving you the flexibility to open either a TCP/IP (syntax: tcp://host[:port], default port: 3306) or Unix Socket (syntax: unix:///path/to/socket) based connection. However, don’t miss the other changes listed in the Change History.

The alpha version is shipped as a source code archive only. Binaries will be made available in later versions. We have build the MySQL Connector/C++ on about 45 platforms, please see the wiki page for a list of platforms. For later versions we try to support all platforms supported by the MySQL Server.

Our tests and examples cover 74% of the code base. We have run them on many platforms but not all. On all platforms more than 90% of the tests should pass. But still, some work is left for the beta release. The mission statement for beta is “Stabilize and test “.

Together with the alpha version we have made the draft of the documentation available at http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/6.0/en/connector-cpp.html . Please note, official support is not available for the alpha version of Connector/C++.

If you experience any problems or if you have any feature requests for future versions, please contact the MySQL Connector/C++ development team. Lawrin, Andrey and I will try to answer to you on the community mailing list and on the Connector/C++ forum.

Credits go to:

  • Andrey for the development work…
  • Lawrin for the testing…
  • Kent for setting up cross-platform testing and helping to make C/C++ compile on many platforms…
  • … and an Austrian web developer from the web team who has made dev.mysql.com handle "+" properly in download file names!

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