Ulf Wendel

MySQL Connector/C++: DevZone article on how to build from source

Installing MySQL Connector/C++ from Source is the title of a Developer Zone article published today. Knowing how to build the driver from source is important to know for users of the MySQL driver for C++. C++ binaries are less portable than we would wish. There are reasons for incompatibilities beyond our control (different STL version, different compiler versions, …). If your system is not compatible with the build system we use for creating binaries, you may be forced to build the driver from source. I hope we do listen properly to you, if ….

Giri Mandalika
The DevZone article has been written by Giri Mandalika. Giri has been introduced to me by Google Alerts. All of a sudden, someone else blogged about mysqlnd and published PHP: Memory savings with mysqlnd on January, 31st. His DevZone article and his mysqlnd blog are very thoroughly written. Google Alerts are a wonderful toy. Some five hours before I was informed that the MySQL C++ web seminar had been scheduled and put on the MySQL web site, Google Alerts told me…

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