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PHP Summit presentation: NoSQL in MySQL

Live from the PHP Summit conference in Munich: NoSQL in MySQL. A couple of hours ago I gave a talk about NoSQL in MySQL, contents: what is NoSQL, what is HandlerSocket, what is the InnoDB Memcached Plugin InnoDB and how to use with PHP, is this NoSQL? Slides are below.

(PDF download)

The talk was called a night session. Night session means, its the last talk for the day. After eight hours packed with workshops everybody is a bit tired and exhausted. What else could I do but tell them a bed story. What else could I do but make it a puppet theater starring Kasperle, Sakila, Innobear and others? According the Wikipedia, the puppet name Kasperle has its roots in Munich.

Also, NoSQL in MySQL must be a fairytale. All Ulfs know that databases are named after the children of the database inventors. Monty Ulf Widenius has three children: My, Max and Maria. But, he does not have a son called No. In fact, the name No does not exist…

There’s some serious stuff in the slides as well. The fairytale is only there to keep people aware. Have a look!

Happy hacking!

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