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PHP BBQ Tour – Frankfurt, Tuesday, 16.06., 19:00 CEST

The PHP BBQ Tour starts in a week. The BBQ Tour is a one week trip through some german PHP meet ups. The trip starts on Monday, 15.06. in Munich and goes via Frankfurt (Tuesday, 16.06), Karlsruhe (Wednesday, 17.06), Berlin (Thursday, 18.06), Dortmund (Friday, 19.06) and Hamburg (Saturday, 20.06) to Kiel (Sunday, 21.06). One every evening there will be a BBQ. Please check the Forge wiki page for details frequently. The purpose of the tour is to have fun and to get connected. Everybody is invited to join the tour and to visit the PHP user group in his neighbor town.

On Tuesday, 18.06., you can enjoy a BBQ at the Brotfabrik in Frankfurt/Main.

PHP user group Frankfurt – PHP BBQ Tour
Tuesday, 16.06.2009 – 19:00 CEST

Please register here for food planning!

Bachmannst. 2-4 , 60488 Frankfurt am Main
U6/U7: Industriehof, Fischstein, Große Nelkenstraße

Here is what you miss – apart from brilliant food – if you do not visit the barbecue of the PHP user group Frankfurt.

The PHP user group Frankfurt

Does the user group have a home page?
Yes, we do at www.phpugffm.de. We are also running DevDusk, which has its own web presence at www.devdusk.de

DevDusk :: Technology for Techies from Dusk til Dawn ;o)

Are there frequent meetings?
We are organizing DevDusk every second month. We meet at the Brotfabrik in Frankfurt. The meetings start at 20:00 local time. Please check the web site for details.

Are there presentations?
We always have two presentations at every DevDusk meeting. The presentations can be about any technology of interest for a developer. The topics are not limited to PHP. We are quite open minded here. For example, we have had presentations about Flex, JavaFX, Groovy/Grails in the past.
Networking is important for us. We always leave some time for getting connected and open discussions.

How many people are visiting the events?
At the average some 30 participants come to DevDusk.

Are you working together with other groups or organizations?
We are working together with the Brotfabrik to host the events. And, of cource, we are always looking for sponsors :0)

When has the PHP user group Frankfurt been founded?
The PHP user group Frankfurt, as we know it today, exists since about five years. However, there has been another user group in the time before.

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